You can trade currencies one against another on the Forex Market.

You would use one currency to speculate on the value of another. The most crucial currency to follow on the FX is the US Dollar.

With our advisors, you will learn basic Forex terms, advanced trading strategies and end-game trading methodologies.


Stocks are essentially tiny portions of a company.

The more stocks you own of a certain business, the more potential profits you can gain.

Having stocks of different enterprises relates to portfolio diversity – with it, it is less likely you can be surprised by the market and lose your investment.


By combining the value of several different stocks you get Indices.

Globally-known indices like FTSE 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average and CAC 40 are just a few examples of the said asset.

Indices serve for the Big-Picture analysis of financial markets, as well as beneficial trading opportunities for traders.


Commodity trading happens similarly to stock trading.

Usually, investors divide commodities into two major categories – Hard and Soft Commodities.

You can also engage them through Futures Contacts, but those are highly speculative so engage them with care.

Commodities bring even higher portfolio diversity.


Cryptocurrencies are the new kid on the trading block.

They are volatile, exhilarating and carry huge profit potential.

If approached with sensible analysis and enough experience.

24trading offers you the chance to work with the biggest and most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market!

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